Apple Crumb Pie..... Pie crust with apple cinnamon filling and brown sugar crumb topping.

Chocolate Babka Bites.....Rich chocolate babka bites with crumb topping that is perfect to satisfy the biggest chocolate lovers.  Just one bite and you are in heaven!

Cinnamon Babka Bites....Not a chocolate lover?  Try these cinnamon bites warm.

Chocolate Mousse Pie..... (GLUTEN FREE)  Brownie bottom pie filled with chocolate mousse and finished off with chocolate shavings.  

Boozy Bread Pudding.....Serve bread pudding warm with a beautiful flavor of brandy.  Add on your own personal fall flavor: chocolate or pumpkin.

Onion Rolls.....Pull apart onion filled rolls for your Thanksgiving guests.  Recommended to serve warm.

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